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Automatic mobile wrapper: CSM 212/ 212 Advanced

Automatic mobile wrapper: CSM 212/ 212 Advanced

Very big pallets? Heavy loads? – No problem for the mobile stretch wrappers CSM

CSM 212 / Advanced are automatic pallet wrapping machines for wrapping loads of variable forms and weights with stretch or perforated stretch film.


  • Wrapping loosely stacked pallet loads with stretch film
  • Adaptation to diverse pallets sizes and loads per adjustable wrapping programmes
  • Variably adjustable parameters per control panel
  • Easy operation
  • Up to 200 pallets per load
  • For standard film and stretch film
  • Safety stop by motor brakes
  • CE – label

Stretch System: FM (CSM 201)
Equipped with a film stretching system, type FM, this ranges up to 120%. This system can be adjusted quickly and simply per hand wheel.

Stretch System: PRS (CSM 212 / CSM 212 Advanced)
Equipped with a film pre-stretch system, type PRS with pre-stretch from 150% up to 250%. The pre-stretch can be changed quickly and easily by exchanging gear wheel pairs.


  • Sealed and maintenance-free double battery
  • Package height detection per photo-cell
  • Signal light and beeper
  • Stretch system lifting and lowering speeds are adjustable per frequency converter
  • Mechanical fall protection for the stretch system

Adjustable Parameters per Operating Panel:

  • Top and bottom wraps (1 to 10 each)
  • Wrapper cycle speed (0.2 up to 93 m/min.)
  • Stretch system lifting and lowering speeds (0 up to 3.4 m/min)
  • Photo-cell switching delay

Wrapping Programmes:

  • Normal wrapping (upwards and downwards)
  • Economical wrapping (upwards or downwards)
  • Rainproof (wrapping programme for placing the top sheet manually)
  • Individual task per push button
  • Wrapping programme for extra large packages
CSM 212/ 212 Advanced
CSM 212/ 212 Advanced
Model: CSM 212/ 212 Advanced
Range: Middle to high end
Height: up to 3000 mm
System: Robot
Pre-stretch system: Ecostretch (250%)