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Fully automatic stretch wrapper: CST 940

Fully automatic stretch wrapper: CST 940

The next generation of pallet wrappers

The multifunctional, fully-automatic Cyklop turntable wrapper with optional stepless adjustable pre-stretch ratio up to 350 %. Perfectly adjustable also  for sensitive pallet loads.

Latest-generation pallet wrapper for wrapping loads with different shapes and weights with stretch films or perforated stretch films.
With the CST pallet wrapper, Cyklop has a fully automatic turntable wrapper which, in addition to the Power Stretch stretching systems, offers pre-stretching up to 350% (optional) and Power Roller Stretch up to 250%. The high availability and an extensive range of options are additional convincing arguments.
The CST pallet wrapper can be ideally integrated in most packaging lines and among other things will impress you with its colour touch panel.


  • Easy to transport and set up at any location thanks  to its compact  design.
  • Fast film change and economical consumption of  stretch films.
  • Low maintenance costs.

Film stretching system: Power Roller Stretch
Film pre-stretching up to 250%. Adjustable with easy-to-replace gearwheels in ideally matched steps. The stretching rollers are coated with a special surface (polyurethane), enabling any film residues to be easily removed.
The stretching system is extremely simple to load with film.
Easy to replace, as the electronics are located in the stretching system.
High-quality design with laser-edged, powder-coated shrouds.


Power Stretch (PS) film stretching system. Steplessly adjustable pre-stretching up to 350% via  touch panel.
Also suitable for sharp-edged and uneven pallet loads, as the sensitively operating film stretching system minimises damage to the stretch film.

  • Top platen
  • Top film dispenser
  • Cording roll (reduction of the film width to the cord in order to ensure a higher stabilisation of the load)
  • Mast for loads up to 3,300 mm high
  • Film weight monitoring
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Model: CST 940
Pallets per hour: 40
Wrapping system: Turn table
Pre-stretch system: Motorized pre-stretch system (120-350%)