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Automatic wrapper: CST 211 / CST 211 HS

Automatic wrapper: CST 211 / CST 211 HS

Reliable cost-effective pallet wrapping

CST 211 is an automatic pallet wrapping machine for wrapping loads of variable forms and weights with stretch or perforated stretch film.


Wrapping loosely stapled pallet loads with stretch film

Adaptation to diverse pallet sizes and loads per adjustable wrapping programmes

Variably adjustable parameters per operator control panel

For standard stretch film and pre-stretched film

Robust and reliable construction – stable basic frame of welded rectangular pipes

No compressed air necessary

CE – label

Stretch Film System: FE
Equipped with a film stretching system, type FM, this ranges from up to 120%. This system can be adjusted quickly and simply over the operating panel.


  • Soft start and stop are adjustable per frequency converter
  • Stretch system lifting and lowering speeds are adjustable per frequency converter
  • Incl. signal light and beeper
  • Package height detection by photo-cell

Adjustable Parameter per Operating Panel:

  • Top and bottom wraps (1 to 10 each)
  • Turntable speed (3 up to 12 cycles/min.)
  • Stretch system lifting and lowing speeds (1.3 up to 5.4 m/min)
  • Photo-cell switching delay

Wrapping Programmes:

  • Normal wrapping (upwards and downwards)
  • Economical wrapping (upwards or downwards)
  • Rainproof (wrapping programme for placing the top sheet manually)
  • Single task per push button

CST 211 HS (optional)

Easy turntable loading with a hand carriage thanks to guiding tracks
No more falling of very light packages and furthermore also very heavy pallets can be handled easily thanks to the very low height that have to be conquered.
Equipped with safety light barriers and CE conformity declaration.

  • Turntable: Ø 1.650 mm
  • Max. package weight: 1.200 kg
CST 211
CST 211
The CST 211 we can use it for
Model: CST 211
Range: Mid range
Height: 2500 - 3300 mm
System: Turntable
Pre-stretch system: Electric break